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We survived our first slumber party!! Yay!!

So, it was my daughter’s 8-year-old birthday (LB2) this month, and she was longing for a sleepover party with her friends — really, she’s been begging for her party to be a sleepover since last year’s party, so how could I resist giving her the party she was absolutely dying for (her words, not mine)?

When I asked, what type of theme do you want?  She thought long and hard (well, about 20 seconds) and said “My Little Pony!”, which, for the past several months, is what she has been obsessed with.  That’s fine, a MLP party it is!

  The next week she decided this party should be a spa party where her and her friends could paint their nails along with the MLP theme — ok, I thought, I can do that.

A few days later… “Rainbows! I want my party to also have rainbow colors!” she exclaims.  Um, okie dokie, we can maybe fit that in there too.

Finally, she comes to me and says she also wished, for her very awesome sleepover, rainbow, My LIttle Pony, spa party, to include arts and crafts!  Oh my.  So, I said we will try but that’s it with the themes!  I mean, how many themes can one party have, I wonder??  Well, according to my over-the-top 8-yr-old… a lot.  SO, this is what we came up with to make her happy :D…

First, I took her leftover MLP Valentine’s Day cards and the picture’s from them as well as some pics from the internet of MLP for my girl to choose from for her invitations.  She chose her favorites and, since we love a good craft, we got started! 

Image                       Image


We tried to make a few changes to the Valentine’s cards but that didn’t look right, so we went back to the computer and ended up with…

some cute invitations that my girls was super excited about!

Since Rainbow Dash is her favorite pony, She made the front of the invitation.

I think it turned out cute and… it was free (always a good thing:D) except the cost of the paper they were printed out on.





Next step: Decide on a cake :D.  Yum!  This is my favorite part of the kids’ birthday parties because I love making their cakes :D.  So, this year, we decided to get a little fancy and have the cake up on a cake stand with a rainbow “waterfall” attaching the cake to a “pool” of cupcakes below it on the table.  Hmmmm, my homemade icing is a little bit thin to make into a waterfall and I haven’t quite taken the next step in cake decorating to learn anything about fondant (although it sounds like fun :D!), so…

ImageImageImageI decided to make the rainbow with LB2’s name attached and it turned out pretty cute, I think.  And she was dazzled 😀

Of course, Princess Celestia had to be on top with the “8” candle (on the grass because she can’t float on the water even though she had wings — there was a discussion involved between the two of us LOL). 

The cupcakes on the table were covered to make it look like a mini cake and had to have a mermaid pony swimming in them — well, of course! And the inside of the cake was rainbow layers although I forgot to take a picture of that.  It was yummy and cute too.

It turned out super cute and was worth the hours spent baking and icing!  I’m just kidding, it didn’t take that long and all 3 kids had fun being taste testers to make sure Mom’s icing was tasty enough for the party girls!


We made rainbow slushies!  It was super easy and the kids loved it!  My LB2 had a great time helping crush the slush!

The original can be found here:


and I thank her for her awesome idea!!  Very creative, cheap and fun :D!




Here’s the rainbow slush all ready to party!  So, it’s not a great pic, but I think you get the idea LOL.  It’s just the different colored tubes of frozen popsicle all crushed up and stacked in a rainbow.  My bowl also got a little frosty from the freezer but, it was still super yummy and a big hit!










In order to off-set some of the sugar, we decided we also needed the fruit!  Well, of course, it should be in rainbow colors as well as a rainbow shape! 

It was really cute and, to my surprise, the first thing to get all gobbled up!  Huh.




We also went out and picked up pizza from Little Caesars since it’s inexpensive and super yummy! Umm, no pics though, we got a little caught up in partying and forgot those pics. 

    We blew up balloons, hung streamers and made a “Happy Birthday” banner as well for decorations. 


All the girls enjoyed themselves while we all got to go away with tattoos, cake to take home (we do not need extra sweets around this house) and some fun sleepover memories 😀


The girls had fun pretending to sleep :).  Although, they did finally sleep for real around 1 A.M. Ugh.




Once the presents were opened, the cake eaten and the sugar high worn off, they did finally got to sleep but sadly, there are no pics of that either as we were all in bed.


When everyone when home the next day, they took home an awesome goody bag as well :D!

ImageImageI used some Chinese take-out boxes I got in the clearance section, printed out MLP pics, then glued them onto the boxes.

Once the boxes were prepared, I stuffed them full of goodies!!  Headbands, necklaces, cupcake lipgloss, OH MY! Like I said, lots of goodies!  And the best party was that most of the goodies were on sale when I bought them so it was cost effective as well as super awesome!


Ok, so those are the highlights from the Super awesome rainbow/ My LIttle Pony/ spa/ sleepover party! We didn’t end up doing crafts because we started to make friendship bracelets but only 1 person wanted to continue that crafty project (and it wasn’t even the birthday girl!).  It did end up making my sweet Little Bit #2 super excited and very happy.  So all the work and all the party preparations were successful and  totally worth it!






Just for fun…

Since my last post was all about Easter and the fun things we did this year, I started reminiscing about last year.  So, I decided to post a few pics of the Easter dresses I made last year along with a few other fun things we did for the Holiday.


I found the tutorial and pattern for this dress online and for LB number 3, I went strictly by the pattern (in order to get it right).  For LB numer 2, I only tweaked it a little bit just so she’d feel a little bit different (and a bit more “big girl”) in her dress.  They were both thrilled to be in the same fabric and  almost the same dress.

I also made some rosettes from scraps I had leftover of the purple fabric and put them on the girls’ dresses along with some hairbows (LB3 wouldn’t wear them so they’re not shown) and I added a loop onto a couple of the rosettes to slide it onto a headband for LB2 — she loves being my model.

The link to the dress pattern is http://thecottagehome.blogspot.com/2011/01/party-dress-printable-pattern-and.html

We also decided it’d be fun to make some jellybean cookies.  Basically, this just consisted of a roll of sugar cookie being smushed together with some chopped up jellybeans.  Yum!

BB1 really enjoyed his


        LB2 and LB3 really chowed 

down on their jellybean


I think they were a


Ultimately, we had a great time last year and this year.  We love to make any day a crafty day whether it be with the hot glue gun, the sewing machine or baking something yummy! Hope you all enjoyed my trip down memory lane… I know I did 🙂

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Nothing like some home made Easter Goodness :D


While I do love to sew, I love it even better when the thing I’m sewing actually ends up the way it’s supposed to!  Little bit number 2 (left) LOVED her Easter dress and she also loved the entire process of Mommy sewing and making the dress while, all along, she got to play model and try it on several times until the final stitches had been sewn and Wah-Lah, the dress was completed!





Little bit number 3 (right) was a little bit more difficult to please.  While making her dress, she absolutely REFUSED to do any fittings (so it ended up being a little too big and I had to do some last minute adjustments just before leaving for church on the morning of).

It was ultimately all worthwhile since she was absolutely delighted with the finished product and kept saying “I AM a princess, Mommy!”  It was so cute.  Also, it did make me feel extra great when she refused to take it off the rest of the day — even with the promise of holding some baby chicks (I mean, come on!)




Even though she wouldn’t change, she refused to be left out.  Little bit (who is actually a big bit) number 1 held a chick out so she could pet it.  Those baby chicks were so cute!


We love Easter and all that goes along with it!  It’s such a great time of year.  Along with the beautiful dresses I made, the kids and I also decided to tye-dye some Easter eggs for the great egg hunt!

Not to be left out, big bit number 1 was tye-dying right along with everyone else :D!



Little bit number 3 was in LOVE with the glitter!  She had the best time just sprinkling (A.K.A. Pouring) the glitter all over the eggs… and the counter… and myself at one point LOL.


And Little Bit number 2 had some really great fun, stating her eggs were the best!

Of Course they are, my Darling!


The Easter Bunny is a great and wonderful fella (or gal) that loves to bring goodies.  Even to the big bit (Numero Uno).  BTW, those chocolate Easter bunnies were filled with peanut butter — super yum!

ImageLittle Bit (Numero Dos) just adores the big furry rabbit :D.

 I’m sure it’s because she’s just getting stuff, but I

like to think it’s because the Easter Bunny is SO good

at picking out the fun goodies to go into the baskets.


Little Bit (Numero Tres) was just excited because of all the buzz — along with the fact that we were at Grandma’s and there were eggs thrown all over the house to find — Ummm, with CANDY IN THEM!!!  How much more exciting, for a two-year-old, can it get??

Not really much.

I hope everyone reading this enjoyed their Easter holiday and got to have some great family time with all their loved ones. Take care out there and I’ll see ya at the next post!!

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