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We appreciate all the teachers out there!!

on May 10, 2012

As many of you know, it isTeacher Appreciation Week at schools all over the US!  I always love to do a little something special to show the teachers in my childrens’ lives that they are special and thought of, so I do love this week and the idea that is behind it.

This year, since I didn’t get started on LB2’s teacher’s gift early, of course I wasn’t feeling well in the beginning of the week (Murphy’s  Law)  and had to get everything together last night after making a quick run to the store to pick up a few things :D.

I love, love, LOVE the  craft here http://skiptomylou.wordpress.com/2007/05/09/thanks-a-latte/ and that’s where my idea stemmed from to get the craft for LB2’s teacher together!  So…   I  went to the store and purchased my supplies:

– Disposable coffee cups

– snack packs (I chose 100 calorie snack packs, but you could use any kind you wanted)

– instant coffee in little individual packs

I already had the stuff for wrapping it up (some cellophane and matching paper shreds that I totally got on clearance after Valentine’s day for super cheap!) so I was ready to begin!


                                 I started by printing out the “Thanks a latte” label

                                 and cut it into a circle then had the Little Bit’s (#2 and #3)

                                 use their trusty glue sticks to glue it onto some construction

                                  Paper that was cut into different size circles.

                  Next, we printed out the 7 days of the week (3 of each :D) and cut them out. Then the LB’s used the good ole’ glue sticks again to paste each day of the week on a snack, an individual coffee serving as well as each of the coffee cups so there is a cup, a coffee and a snack for a little pick me up for each day of the week!

                                          PHEW! What a long sentence!!

              We put the coffee servings back in the box and grouped  everything together inside the cellophane and added the paper shreds to make it a little fuller.

                                     Tied it up with a pretty bow 😀

                                               I always love to include a little poem with a homemade gift.  I just like

                                               to add that little extra touch :D.  So, I came up with this poem to LB2’s

                                                teacher from my Little Bit #2 :D.  Also, that way the whole Day’s of the

                                                 week thing made more sense.

However, if you have an 8-yr-old, you know that sometimes they like your idea,

and sometimes they just don’t.  So, while we did add her name to the end of

the above poem, she also wanted to included her own personal note (with a picture,

of course, because she IS my resident artist!).

          We then punched a hole in the label, LB2’s note along with the poem (folded up

          neatly, of course), and used a skinnier ribbon to tie them onto the pretty

           package :D.  Wah-Lah!  A cute “Thank-you, Teacher” gift!

                                                                 And THIS Little Bit is so happy to show her teacher her appreciation :)!

                                                                                                          Isn’t she too cute :D?

Oh, and on a side note — in my last post I noticed my Big Little Bit #1 just seemed to skip out on all of the picture taking at the Aquarium.  Hhhmmm, totally NOT cool with this mama :D.  Not with me and my picture-taking madness :D!  Oh NO!  So, as promised, here is my super awesome BLB1 😀 posing oh-so-nicely for the mama (obviously thinking I wouldn’t possibly show this to anyone! Tee hee hee).


                              Mwah!!  Love you, BLB1!!


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