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The Children’s Museum in Wilmington

on May 18, 2012

This week has been a little crazy for us so I haven’t had a chance to post until now.  Whew!  The end of school is near so there’s much to do with the bigger Little Bits — end-of-the-year concerts; plays; and just all that end-of-the-year school work that MUST be completed before the final day of school.  It’s exhausting to me as a parent — I can only imagine what it’s like at school for the teachers!!  I do NOT envy them right now.

Anyway, since the big kids will be out for summertime soon, my friend invited my Littlest bit and I to the Children’s Museum in Wilmington for a little day trip. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN and totally amazing!  I could have stayed there playing for a week! I mean, LB3 could’ve stayed there playing for a week :D.

First, she and her good friend played dentist and did a little teeth brushing on the  alligator patients.

Their teeth were super sparkly when they were done!  It was such a cute set up — there were even Dentist jackets

(they did NOT want to wear those, however), lots of giant toothbrushes and toothpaste, and even some teeth set up

on a shelf for them to practice on in between patients :D.  There were even x-rays of the teeth of their alligator

patients to make super sure no one left with any cavities.  I’m DEFINITELY bringing her back here right before her

first dental appointment.  FOR SURE!!










Once we were done at the dentist, we headed over to the Doctor’s office where

Dr. LB3 went straight to work helping her sick patients (of the stuffed variety)

get well.  Using her trusty stethoscope, and her syringe filled with medicine (yummy

medicine to be exact), she made their booboos feel all better so they could be on their

way.   It was really a cute set up what with all the medicine’s and all the doctor’s office-y






Dr. LB3 checked her patient’s heart and said it was Ok.  And ever since

our super fun visit to the mini-person’s Dr’s office, she’s been asking me if my… (knee/

elbow/head/foot/insert body part here…)  hurts so she can doctor it on up and

make my booboo feel better.  What a sweet girl :D.  Hmmm, maybe this will turn into

a future career choice??  😀





There was even an x-ray

machine so she could

make sure no bones were broken!

How cool!






There was so much to see and do at the Children’s Museum!  There were different types of

boats to play on, a big tree house with a slide (INSIDE!!) and so many different

toys around to play with!  There was a big pirate ship inside where the kids could go

up the ramp and dress up like a pirate then swab the decks with the mini broom and mops

onboard  — oh, it was so cute!

They had lego tables set up and stacking cups as well as a whole room under the main floor

filled with lots of science fun!  There was so much to do!!




We had a lot of fun drawing on the chalk wall, playing with the blocks and

painting some pretty pictures in the art room!  They even had paint

aprons available for us to use — even though our paint was all washable.




We moved on from there to the little doodlebug car where our little bits got to

drive us to the super market.  Oh what terrific drivers they were too!  We drove past

the theater where they could put on a puppet show and even made a little pit stop to

try on some huge foam feet with strings attached to help them walk around like giants!



When we left the doodlebug car and the puppet  stage area, we decided to stop in the super market!  Oh boy!

That was my absolute favorite place in the whole museum! It was so realistic, but in toddler size!

There were super small shopping carts and all the

groceries were set up just like at the real grocery store!  All the fruits and vegetables were separated in their

own little bins, then there was a cereal isle, a section for the cold foods (milk and eggs)…






And a freezer section! Of course we had to get some popsicles!  I mean, we can’t enter

the freezer section and NOT get popsicles!  That would be crazy!










OH!  It was SO much fun!






Once the shopping was done, it was time to checkout and make our purchases!

It was just amazing to me that I never realized how much my little bit watches and learns

from what is going on around her!  I guess it’s time we started her in filling out her

job applications!  Time fo her to start earning some cash since I now know she’s more than

capable of holding down a job LOL.






She wasn’t really too much into being the cashier, but moving that conveyer belt and

bagging the groceries were right up her alley!




It was really fun for her…


and for me too












Everyone knows your fruits and vegetables need to be washed!

So that’s just what my little bit and I did :).


Once that was done, we went into the DIY diner and she cooked

me up a little something to eat and then we hit the reading railroad so we

could read a little before time to hit the road.  We had to get home in time for the schoolbus

to drop off our bigger little bits and tell them all about our fun day!


If you’ve never been to the Children’s Museum, you should really try to see if there’s one near you because it was so much learning fun!

I’m very fond of a place where little imaginations can go crazy, little hands can constantly stay busy and then the little bit is all kinds of ready for a nap when

we’re all done!  It makes for a very satisfied Mama and Little Bit3.  Next time, I’ll have to at least take LB2 (Big Bit probably won’t enjoy it as much since he IS

16 LOL).  I’d be willing to bet money that LB2 would have a blast, though, in pretty much the entire place!

Until next time!!



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