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A Harley project…

on June 24, 2012

So, my darling husband has a most prized posession (as most people do) that he washes and shines and buffs and…  well, he takes very good care of it.  His first Harley Davidson motorcycle.  He was so excited when, after many years of debt and debate :D, we had the means for him to purchase his bike.

He’s had it just over a year now and loves taking it out whenever he can — even is he gets caught in a torrential downpour (so weird)! He has changed many things on the bike to “customize” it to his liking (changing the gas tank size; changing out the saddle bags — many, many times *sigh*; changing handlebars; and the list goes on and on).  There were so many changes made but there was still one thing he had some frustration that he just didn’t want to have to change.  The shifter.  When my husband wore light-colored shoes (which he often does since his workboots are tan), the shifter would put a black mark on the toe of his left shoe when upshifting.  Tsk tsk tsk.  That just won’t do.

This problem was just a silly little thing and there was a solution to be had by buying a “shift lever sock” online which cost about $10 plus shipping cost.  I honestly have no idea how much shipping is because when my husband showed me this and said he wanted to buy it, I said “Hey, I can totally make that!”

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:


Ok, so basically this thing is made out of a rubbery-type material to avoid slipping… and it has to be stretchy to get it onto the gear shifter as well as not mark your shoes with black marks… and you want to make sure it stays put so you don’t end up losing it as your driving down the road.

So, I’ve got the idea and I thought, that material looks like those drink koozie things you get in the dollar section at Michael’s (or for free when you go to festivals and store grand openings :D).  I totally had one in a bag (forgotten until deciding to do this project) that I had gotten from the PX at their grand opening!  Score!  Free shifter sock coming up!!

Basically I just measured the circumference of the shifter as well as the length of both the “L” shaped parts that the sock would fit over.

So, then all that was left to do was cut the koozie and sew it together in an “L” shape.

Here is it all finished!

It was super easy and my husband is very happy with it.

An upclose look.

Til next time…


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