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Something old into something new…

When you have kids (as most of you probably do), things tend to get worn out more quickly (as most of you probably know); especially clothing.

My LB2 is a little on the petite side, and always has been, so her clothes tend to fit her for a longer period of time which is good in a way (that I don’t have to buy new clothes for her as often) but also bad in a way (the clothes she has tend to get ripped, faded and acquire more holes than the other  two kids’ clothes).  So, in order to keep her in her clothes longer (I really do like to stretch a dollar if I can), sometimes I have to be a little creative.

With this particular outfit, her jeans were so super cute that we’ve actually shared them with a couple of our friends for their daughters, so you can imagine that the wear and tear on them was even more so than a normal pair of jeans hanging in my girl’s closet.

I forgot to take a “before” picture of the jeans, but I did just cut them off and make them into cutoff’s for the hot summer months, although I made sure to cut them low enough so they’d be on the longer side (my girl and I just like them a little longer).  These jeans had all these cute little flowers embroidered on them and some of the flowers were just sewn on via the center of the flower, so I took a few off using a seam ripper to use on something else (little did I know that something else would just go perfectly with these refashioned shorts).

My girl was very happy with her “new” shorts and I was pretty happy to get her out of the hole-y jeans ~ I really just do not like my kids wearing ripped up jeans.  Even though I’m pretty sure I used to wear some pretty “worn” jeans myself when I was younger.

When she tried the jeans on, I suddenly decided I should use the embroidered flower I took off the jeans to make a matching shirt so she could have a whole outfit.  I was very excited with this idea since I always try to repurpose stuff, but end up with a bunch of leftovers from different projects.  Nothing ever really comes from any of my odds and ends, so I have a bag full of small things leftover from different projects just sitting around taking up space.  SO, very excited that I’d already found a purpose for those cute little flowers!

I picked out a cute shirt my girl has had for a while and started arranging the little flowers around the shirt, in different spots, to decide where I wanted their placement to end up.  Once I’d made my final decision on the placement of the flowers, I got out my fabric glue and glued the center of each flower to make sure the petals of the flowers still stood up away from the shirt.  Then all I had to do from there was wait for it to dry.

 I think it turned out to be a pretty cute little outfit ~~ and LB2 likes it as well!

Til next time…

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Fun out of the Sun…

The heat has been unbearable lately, don’t you agree?  Ugh, it’s really bad this year.  I think maybe it was really bad in the past few years but I didn’t really notice because it gradually got worse as the summer progressed, but this year it really feels terrible!  Is it my imagination, or was it just simply GORGEOUS just a few weeks ago?  Then, WHAM! All of a sudden, it’s miserable anytime you have to walk outside.

Ok so I AM getting to my point and here it is: since it was just way too hot to drag these Little Bits out to the beach or a park and way too crowded at the local pools, we thought maybe we should celebrate our Fourth of July (before the fireworks) somewhere cool and perhaps indoors.  It was such a great idea (not that I’m tracking points or anything, but MY idea :D) so that’s just what we did!

About a month ago I got an email from my daughter’s dentist (I know weird) saying I should check out their facebook page so I did (I know, weird-er) and there was a contest to win some tickets to one of these aquariums:


So, I answered the questions and sent in my email then promptly forgot about it because I never win stuff — let alone contests like that.

Well, guess what!  Yep, I totally won!!  I was so excited because I actually won something me! Woohoo!

Anyway, since we had the tickets, and it was stifling outside and Hubby was off work, we decided it’d be a great way to spend a day!

So, off we went to check out the Aquarium at Fort Fisher!

Photo Op with an alligator; Check!

Gawking at the very alive Albino Alligator; Check!

Getting extremely close to a dangerous animal; Check. Oh my goodness

I love, love, love that the coastal aquariums in N.C. actually try to help our wildlife out in their efforts for survival!  I’ve seen the sea turtle nests with the wire cages around them at the beach to keep other animals out (and probably some people too) but I didn’t really know that the aquariums take these turtles in once they’ve hatched and keep them until they’re big enough to set free in the wild again

This 10-month-old cutie is scheduled to be released sometime in the next couple of weeks.  So cool!

All the tanks were super cool too.

 with lots of different types of fish and sea life including some sharks

and huge stingrays!

There was a “petting” tank with newly acquired Bamboo sharks

Guess who was first in line for that!

After another photo-op in the Megalodon jaws…

We decided we had seen all there was to see inside and headed outside to the garden area

There was plenty of shade to keep us cool and a lot of statues along with flowers and even large binoculars so we could check out more of the wildlife. There were pictures of different birds near the binoculars so you could find the birds and then decided which ones you’d seen.

After another photo-op (of course my hammy LB2 was the one in this one too), we stopped to take a look at the fresh water turtles

They just kind of stayed on their log and paid no attention to us LOL

Once we made our way to the gate, we decided it had been a pretty fun day! There was lots to see and lots to do which is always a great time to us.

Til Next Time…

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The Neighbors’ Horses

So, my Little Bits just LOVE to go down to visit Grandma and Grandpa (big shock, right?)!  They really love it since my awesome parents attained some very “funny” chickens (the kids’ words, not mine).  Since the chickens have graced the land, my Dad is always talking about the honeybees, the cows and the horses down the road at his neighbors’ house.  And he’s always wanting to take the kids to see them.  I decided during our last trip that I’d like to go see them as well — I have loved horses ever since I was a little girl — so we went.

I guess I thought all my Little Bits would just love to pet the horses and they would be totally amazed and enthralled with their beauty.  My Biggest Bit (LB1) just sort of stood there out of the camera lens and My Littlest Bit (LB3) seemed to be scared of the horses — I guess they ARE kinda big ~~ and a lot bigger than she is.

At least LB2 was just in awe of them (that’s my girl!)

This pretty lady is a mare named Missy.  She just had the little colt (Little Man)  behind her and doesn’t really want anyone to get too close to him.  Understandable.

Even though she’s normally my super shy one, LB2 walked right up to that horse and reached out to pet her.  Missy wouldn’t let me pet her, but she took a liking to my girl.  LB2 is a true animal lover and is always begging for a pet — I keep telling her that her and her siblings are all the pets I can handle at the moment (I always get a pretty funny look from her when I say that :D).

I guess Missy, the horse, figured my girl for the animal-friendly girl that she is, so she decided it was okay to let this little girl pet her :D.  And no one was more tickled than my girl!  She SO wants a horse now LOL!  Ummm, not gonna happen Little Bit.

Til Next time…

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4th of July Fireworks!

The 4th of July is a special time to recognize America’s Independence and the beginning of Democracy in our great nation.  We all like to celebrate with many different past times and traditions. One very popular tradition includes fireworks of all kinds.

Normally my family goes out-of-town for this particular holiday to spend time with family and celebrate together with yummy food and good times.  Since the holiday happened to be in the middle of the week, we opted to stay home for it and have our own fireworks.  In the state we are living in right now doesn’t legally allow the kind of fireworks you can shoot off into the air (even though some unnamed, very rude neighbors insist on breaking said law in the middle of the night nearly all week long this week ~ tsk, tsk, tsk), we decided to buy the kind you CAN legally shoot here and have fun anyway.

My Hubby always loves to set things on fire, so we sent him to do the dirty work 😀

LB2 could hardly contain her excitement and was chomping at the bit to set things on fire herself (hmmm, maybe a little too much like Dad)

LB1 was excited, I think, but too cool to show said excitement to anyone.  He DID keep asking for sparklers, however, so I think he had fun with it.

LB3 had the most fun (since she’d never gotten to actually hold a sparkler before).  She also nearly gave us all heart failure as she tried to burn her sister and then her own eyeball.  Huh, lesson learned on that one.

We did try a little trick with a plastic cup to keep the sparks from being too scary to her, but apparently that was of no consequence, so it didn’t work out so well, so we ditched the cups.

Daddy had to help her out after the eyeball’s near miss with the sparkler.  Phew!

The kids had a fun evening and we all had a great time celebrating the Fourth of July!

I hope you all had a great holiday with good friends, yummy food and no mishaps with any fireworks.

Til Next time…

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We Love Military Appreciation Days!

May, June and July are big months for everyone no matter who you are!  With school session’s ending and summertime beginning, there’s so much going on!  May and July are also big months for Military Appreciation Days.

Since we live in a military town, it’s not difficult to find something going on around town where we can all take part in appreciating our military.  My favorite soirees are those fun festivals that not only appreciate our service members, but also their families (betcha can guess why that’s a fav of mine :D).

When I heard about the festival at Hammock’s Beach State Park in Swansboro, N.C., I just knew we had to try and go.  It turns out that was an excellent idea since we ended up having a really great time and lots of fun!

There were all sorts of free things to do and all sorts of free food to eat and the Little Bits loved every minute of it — and Hubby and I did too :D!

Originally we wanted to get there right when the fun began at 10:00am, but we seem to have a bit of a problem getting going some days and this day just happened to be one of those days.  It was about a 30 minute drive from where we live so the girls were chomping at the bit by the time we got there.

 There were ferry rides (that we didn’t get to do :(, but we will for sure be going back for that part!) to the little island where you can play on the beach.  There was an exhibit showcasing the differents kinds of animals in the park that you might come across — with lots of information about each animal.  There were jumpy houses and a big jumpy-type slide with water spraying on it to cool off, face painting, hotdogs, drinks, and so many things to do!

LB2 wanted her picture taken with the giant penguin (that poor guy was probably sweating pretty good in that thing) while LB3 ran to hide from the “scary” penguin. LOL!  She thought that man behind the penguin was her daddy and was unpleasantly surprised when she looked up and found that he was not.  LOL!

Face painting is always a must when it’s available.  LB2 always wants something magical or whimsical and this day was no different…

 Unicorns are ALWAYS a good choice 😀

We enjoyed some yummy hotdogs and drinks, then headed off to the next place.  Which happened to be the jumpy houses. 



We did a little tee shirt painting with fish stencils and hung them up to dry and come back for later.

Here they are …  much later 🙂

Hmmmm, obviously some shrinking will need to take place LOL

We finished our day off with yummy snowcones!


Big smiles and a snowcone

who could ask for more?

Chowing down!

Even Daddy likes a good snowcone 😀

It was a great day (as I said earlier) but I think we will probably go back so we

can ride the ferry and check out the beach and island.

Til next time…

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Bunco, Bunco, Bunco!!

Ok, I’m not sure if you’ve ever played Bunco before — or if you’ve ever even heard of Bunco before, but it is so much fun! Once a month, a group of ladies and I get together to have fun, eat some yummy treats and… play Bunco! It really is fun once you get the hang of it 😀 — and if you’re winning, it’s even BETTER!

A good friend of mine started our Bunco group about a year ago as a place where us Moms/Wives/Girls could just get away and let loose!  There’s a group of 12 of us (with some back-up players in case we need more people) and we each take a turn hosting at our house, making the food, buying the gifts… and all that.

I think it was at the Halloween Bunco that we started having fun themes so we could get a little crazier with it and have even more fun.  Of course, that Bunco was Halloween themed and we could all dress up as whatever costume we wanted.  I don’t have many pictures from that one but there was a Bumblebee, a couple Red Riding Hoods, a policewoman, a flapper and so many more cute costumes! It was really fun to see everyone really get into it.

For my costume, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do, except I knew I wanted to make it myself.  For a few weeks, I went back and forth between an 80’s girl and a Roller Derby girl.  When I finally decided on the Roller Derby Costume, I got busy.

After meticulous artistry (black eye and all), here is the final look!

I had many people ask me if I was really in a derby league —  and I’m SURE they weren’t joking :D. Really sure.

It was really fun getting everything together for the costume and to show it off!  Woohoo!

I even had my husband draw on some very intimidating tattoos

DV8 Derby Skaters!!

I even won 1st Place!!

Now THAT was a fun night!

Not only was it fun to get together and play our dice game, but it was a lot of fun choosing and making my costume.  Since that Bunco, we’ve had other themes, but none as fun as the dress-up themes.

Some of our dress-up themes included Crazy Hat (meaning southern church-lady hats) Bunco:

The “bow” hat was the “creativity” winner this week!!

and our last Bunco was an 80’s theme so…

Fun times!

We’ve had other themes that were fun, but the go-all-out and dress up silly themes are the most fun (to me anyway).

Til next time…

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