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Bunco, Bunco, Bunco!!

on July 1, 2012

Ok, I’m not sure if you’ve ever played Bunco before — or if you’ve ever even heard of Bunco before, but it is so much fun! Once a month, a group of ladies and I get together to have fun, eat some yummy treats and… play Bunco! It really is fun once you get the hang of it 😀 — and if you’re winning, it’s even BETTER!

A good friend of mine started our Bunco group about a year ago as a place where us Moms/Wives/Girls could just get away and let loose!  There’s a group of 12 of us (with some back-up players in case we need more people) and we each take a turn hosting at our house, making the food, buying the gifts… and all that.

I think it was at the Halloween Bunco that we started having fun themes so we could get a little crazier with it and have even more fun.  Of course, that Bunco was Halloween themed and we could all dress up as whatever costume we wanted.  I don’t have many pictures from that one but there was a Bumblebee, a couple Red Riding Hoods, a policewoman, a flapper and so many more cute costumes! It was really fun to see everyone really get into it.

For my costume, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do, except I knew I wanted to make it myself.  For a few weeks, I went back and forth between an 80’s girl and a Roller Derby girl.  When I finally decided on the Roller Derby Costume, I got busy.

After meticulous artistry (black eye and all), here is the final look!

I had many people ask me if I was really in a derby league —  and I’m SURE they weren’t joking :D. Really sure.

It was really fun getting everything together for the costume and to show it off!  Woohoo!

I even had my husband draw on some very intimidating tattoos

DV8 Derby Skaters!!

I even won 1st Place!!

Now THAT was a fun night!

Not only was it fun to get together and play our dice game, but it was a lot of fun choosing and making my costume.  Since that Bunco, we’ve had other themes, but none as fun as the dress-up themes.

Some of our dress-up themes included Crazy Hat (meaning southern church-lady hats) Bunco:

The “bow” hat was the “creativity” winner this week!!

and our last Bunco was an 80’s theme so…

Fun times!

We’ve had other themes that were fun, but the go-all-out and dress up silly themes are the most fun (to me anyway).

Til next time…


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