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We Love Military Appreciation Days!

on July 7, 2012

May, June and July are big months for everyone no matter who you are!  With school session’s ending and summertime beginning, there’s so much going on!  May and July are also big months for Military Appreciation Days.

Since we live in a military town, it’s not difficult to find something going on around town where we can all take part in appreciating our military.  My favorite soirees are those fun festivals that not only appreciate our service members, but also their families (betcha can guess why that’s a fav of mine :D).

When I heard about the festival at Hammock’s Beach State Park in Swansboro, N.C., I just knew we had to try and go.  It turns out that was an excellent idea since we ended up having a really great time and lots of fun!

There were all sorts of free things to do and all sorts of free food to eat and the Little Bits loved every minute of it — and Hubby and I did too :D!

Originally we wanted to get there right when the fun began at 10:00am, but we seem to have a bit of a problem getting going some days and this day just happened to be one of those days.  It was about a 30 minute drive from where we live so the girls were chomping at the bit by the time we got there.

 There were ferry rides (that we didn’t get to do :(, but we will for sure be going back for that part!) to the little island where you can play on the beach.  There was an exhibit showcasing the differents kinds of animals in the park that you might come across — with lots of information about each animal.  There were jumpy houses and a big jumpy-type slide with water spraying on it to cool off, face painting, hotdogs, drinks, and so many things to do!

LB2 wanted her picture taken with the giant penguin (that poor guy was probably sweating pretty good in that thing) while LB3 ran to hide from the “scary” penguin. LOL!  She thought that man behind the penguin was her daddy and was unpleasantly surprised when she looked up and found that he was not.  LOL!

Face painting is always a must when it’s available.  LB2 always wants something magical or whimsical and this day was no different…

 Unicorns are ALWAYS a good choice 😀

We enjoyed some yummy hotdogs and drinks, then headed off to the next place.  Which happened to be the jumpy houses. 



We did a little tee shirt painting with fish stencils and hung them up to dry and come back for later.

Here they are …  much later 🙂

Hmmmm, obviously some shrinking will need to take place LOL

We finished our day off with yummy snowcones!


Big smiles and a snowcone

who could ask for more?

Chowing down!

Even Daddy likes a good snowcone 😀

It was a great day (as I said earlier) but I think we will probably go back so we

can ride the ferry and check out the beach and island.

Til next time…


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