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4th of July Fireworks!

on July 8, 2012

The 4th of July is a special time to recognize America’s Independence and the beginning of Democracy in our great nation.  We all like to celebrate with many different past times and traditions. One very popular tradition includes fireworks of all kinds.

Normally my family goes out-of-town for this particular holiday to spend time with family and celebrate together with yummy food and good times.  Since the holiday happened to be in the middle of the week, we opted to stay home for it and have our own fireworks.  In the state we are living in right now doesn’t legally allow the kind of fireworks you can shoot off into the air (even though some unnamed, very rude neighbors insist on breaking said law in the middle of the night nearly all week long this week ~ tsk, tsk, tsk), we decided to buy the kind you CAN legally shoot here and have fun anyway.

My Hubby always loves to set things on fire, so we sent him to do the dirty work 😀

LB2 could hardly contain her excitement and was chomping at the bit to set things on fire herself (hmmm, maybe a little too much like Dad)

LB1 was excited, I think, but too cool to show said excitement to anyone.  He DID keep asking for sparklers, however, so I think he had fun with it.

LB3 had the most fun (since she’d never gotten to actually hold a sparkler before).  She also nearly gave us all heart failure as she tried to burn her sister and then her own eyeball.  Huh, lesson learned on that one.

We did try a little trick with a plastic cup to keep the sparks from being too scary to her, but apparently that was of no consequence, so it didn’t work out so well, so we ditched the cups.

Daddy had to help her out after the eyeball’s near miss with the sparkler.  Phew!

The kids had a fun evening and we all had a great time celebrating the Fourth of July!

I hope you all had a great holiday with good friends, yummy food and no mishaps with any fireworks.

Til Next time…


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