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The Neighbors’ Horses

on July 15, 2012

So, my Little Bits just LOVE to go down to visit Grandma and Grandpa (big shock, right?)!  They really love it since my awesome parents attained some very “funny” chickens (the kids’ words, not mine).  Since the chickens have graced the land, my Dad is always talking about the honeybees, the cows and the horses down the road at his neighbors’ house.  And he’s always wanting to take the kids to see them.  I decided during our last trip that I’d like to go see them as well — I have loved horses ever since I was a little girl — so we went.

I guess I thought all my Little Bits would just love to pet the horses and they would be totally amazed and enthralled with their beauty.  My Biggest Bit (LB1) just sort of stood there out of the camera lens and My Littlest Bit (LB3) seemed to be scared of the horses — I guess they ARE kinda big ~~ and a lot bigger than she is.

At least LB2 was just in awe of them (that’s my girl!)

This pretty lady is a mare named Missy.  She just had the little colt (Little Man)  behind her and doesn’t really want anyone to get too close to him.  Understandable.

Even though she’s normally my super shy one, LB2 walked right up to that horse and reached out to pet her.  Missy wouldn’t let me pet her, but she took a liking to my girl.  LB2 is a true animal lover and is always begging for a pet — I keep telling her that her and her siblings are all the pets I can handle at the moment (I always get a pretty funny look from her when I say that :D).

I guess Missy, the horse, figured my girl for the animal-friendly girl that she is, so she decided it was okay to let this little girl pet her :D.  And no one was more tickled than my girl!  She SO wants a horse now LOL!  Ummm, not gonna happen Little Bit.

Til Next time…


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