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Fun out of the Sun…

on July 22, 2012

The heat has been unbearable lately, don’t you agree?  Ugh, it’s really bad this year.  I think maybe it was really bad in the past few years but I didn’t really notice because it gradually got worse as the summer progressed, but this year it really feels terrible!  Is it my imagination, or was it just simply GORGEOUS just a few weeks ago?  Then, WHAM! All of a sudden, it’s miserable anytime you have to walk outside.

Ok so I AM getting to my point and here it is: since it was just way too hot to drag these Little Bits out to the beach or a park and way too crowded at the local pools, we thought maybe we should celebrate our Fourth of July (before the fireworks) somewhere cool and perhaps indoors.  It was such a great idea (not that I’m tracking points or anything, but MY idea :D) so that’s just what we did!

About a month ago I got an email from my daughter’s dentist (I know weird) saying I should check out their facebook page so I did (I know, weird-er) and there was a contest to win some tickets to one of these aquariums:


So, I answered the questions and sent in my email then promptly forgot about it because I never win stuff — let alone contests like that.

Well, guess what!  Yep, I totally won!!  I was so excited because I actually won something me! Woohoo!

Anyway, since we had the tickets, and it was stifling outside and Hubby was off work, we decided it’d be a great way to spend a day!

So, off we went to check out the Aquarium at Fort Fisher!

Photo Op with an alligator; Check!

Gawking at the very alive Albino Alligator; Check!

Getting extremely close to a dangerous animal; Check. Oh my goodness

I love, love, love that the coastal aquariums in N.C. actually try to help our wildlife out in their efforts for survival!  I’ve seen the sea turtle nests with the wire cages around them at the beach to keep other animals out (and probably some people too) but I didn’t really know that the aquariums take these turtles in once they’ve hatched and keep them until they’re big enough to set free in the wild again

This 10-month-old cutie is scheduled to be released sometime in the next couple of weeks.  So cool!

All the tanks were super cool too.

 with lots of different types of fish and sea life including some sharks

and huge stingrays!

There was a “petting” tank with newly acquired Bamboo sharks

Guess who was first in line for that!

After another photo-op in the Megalodon jaws…

We decided we had seen all there was to see inside and headed outside to the garden area

There was plenty of shade to keep us cool and a lot of statues along with flowers and even large binoculars so we could check out more of the wildlife. There were pictures of different birds near the binoculars so you could find the birds and then decided which ones you’d seen.

After another photo-op (of course my hammy LB2 was the one in this one too), we stopped to take a look at the fresh water turtles

They just kind of stayed on their log and paid no attention to us LOL

Once we made our way to the gate, we decided it had been a pretty fun day! There was lots to see and lots to do which is always a great time to us.

Til Next Time…


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