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Something old into something new…

on July 29, 2012

When you have kids (as most of you probably do), things tend to get worn out more quickly (as most of you probably know); especially clothing.

My LB2 is a little on the petite side, and always has been, so her clothes tend to fit her for a longer period of time which is good in a way (that I don’t have to buy new clothes for her as often) but also bad in a way (the clothes she has tend to get ripped, faded and acquire more holes than the other  two kids’ clothes).  So, in order to keep her in her clothes longer (I really do like to stretch a dollar if I can), sometimes I have to be a little creative.

With this particular outfit, her jeans were so super cute that we’ve actually shared them with a couple of our friends for their daughters, so you can imagine that the wear and tear on them was even more so than a normal pair of jeans hanging in my girl’s closet.

I forgot to take a “before” picture of the jeans, but I did just cut them off and make them into cutoff’s for the hot summer months, although I made sure to cut them low enough so they’d be on the longer side (my girl and I just like them a little longer).  These jeans had all these cute little flowers embroidered on them and some of the flowers were just sewn on via the center of the flower, so I took a few off using a seam ripper to use on something else (little did I know that something else would just go perfectly with these refashioned shorts).

My girl was very happy with her “new” shorts and I was pretty happy to get her out of the hole-y jeans ~ I really just do not like my kids wearing ripped up jeans.  Even though I’m pretty sure I used to wear some pretty “worn” jeans myself when I was younger.

When she tried the jeans on, I suddenly decided I should use the embroidered flower I took off the jeans to make a matching shirt so she could have a whole outfit.  I was very excited with this idea since I always try to repurpose stuff, but end up with a bunch of leftovers from different projects.  Nothing ever really comes from any of my odds and ends, so I have a bag full of small things leftover from different projects just sitting around taking up space.  SO, very excited that I’d already found a purpose for those cute little flowers!

I picked out a cute shirt my girl has had for a while and started arranging the little flowers around the shirt, in different spots, to decide where I wanted their placement to end up.  Once I’d made my final decision on the placement of the flowers, I got out my fabric glue and glued the center of each flower to make sure the petals of the flowers still stood up away from the shirt.  Then all I had to do from there was wait for it to dry.

 I think it turned out to be a pretty cute little outfit ~~ and LB2 likes it as well!

Til next time…


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