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A crafty day for us two girls…

on August 12, 2012

Yesterday was a little rainy and just a touch dreary, so LB2 and I decided to get our craft on! We were so excited because it’s been a while since we’ve done any crafts and for this particular one, we used glitter! OH, we just LOVE GLITTER!!

Okay, so I’ll explain the reason for the craft first…  this weekend I’m hosting Bunco at my house so I wanted to make my own decorations and goody bags (so that everyone can be a winner!).  I already bought a few things for the goody bags and wanted something hand-made to put in them as well so I came up with a candle holder — everyone loves a candle, right?

So, I scrounged around for the right materials.  What I came up with was perfect! Since the colors for the party seem to be black and pink, I found some black glitter 😀 and went from there.

So, we had some babyfood jars (from when LB3 was teeny tiny) that I saved for future crafting, the black glitter, mod-podge and some sponge brushes.  And the candle is to put in the jar when we’re all done.

You’ll also need some clear gloss spray paint to make sure the glitter all stays put once you’re in your final steps.

So, we started by sponging the mod-podge all over the jars and rolling it in the glitter.  I forgot to take a pic of this step, so you’ll have to try to imagine it.

*After several jars were done, we decided the best way to get a thick layer of glitter on the jars was to start at the lip and just put the glitter there first, then put your hand on the inside of the jar, and finish off the rest of the jar.  Also, we didn’t put any glitter on the bottom since it really didn’t seem necessary and I also wanted it to sit flat without wobbling.  It IS a candle holder after all and wobbling is never good when you’re talking candles.

Once the jars were all glittery, we set them out to dry.

We waited a couple hours to make sure they were completely dry.

Once we were sure the drying step was complete :D, we used a regular paint brush to dry-brush over the glitter so that any loose glitter would come off.

Then I had to spray them with some clear gloss spray paint.  Just to make sure all that wonderful glitter stayed put.

LB2 got her thumb in the pic, but you get the idea.

I put two coats of this on each jar (waiting about 10 minutes between coats), then set them up to dry again.

I wanted to make sure they were all-the-way dry, so we waited overnight this time.  No need to make flamable candle holders — not a good idea.

This morning we woke up, ate some breakfast and were very excited to test out our candle holders.

In goes a votive and voila!

I think they turned out super cute and it was a fun craft for LB2 and I to do together.

And, we had a lot of fun too.

Til next time…


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