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DIY Dry-Erase Board

on September 9, 2012

So, I’m always seeing things online or in catalogs or… somewhere, and I think to myself, hey, I can make that!! My idea came from all over cyberspace but here are a couple of examples that I like:




I just LOVE these ideas!

So, now that I had my plan, I decided to look around at my “inventory” (A.K.A. stuff I have in my poor, super-stuffed garage that is waiting for the day I decide to craft with it), and selected the right items.  Then, all I had to do was decide who needed a dry-erase board.

My supplies:

I had several scrapbook size frames, and some scrapbook paper and, after a short discussion with LB1, I just put together this dry-erase board for him.  He said he’d rather have a calendar so he can write his work schedule down and things like that.

He liked it 🙂

It was so easy and I love the idea because it doesn’t HAVE to be a dry-erase board.  It can still be a picture frame or calendar or… whatever you want it to be.  So, I decided, since my niece is having a birthday soon and she just started her second year in college, she MUST have one to decorate her room.  So, I texted her to ask what colors she has in her room, thinking I would paint the frames to match her room.

Yeah, so then I decided it would be very difficult to match the colors seeing as I live a whole state away from her and can’t see them in person.  White it is! I tried to match the colors from the pics she sent me with the colors on the paper, but I put a few in there so she could easily change the color depending on where she wants to hang it.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

this project — it’s so versatile!

So, again I gathered materials and used some white spray paint and a clear gloss spray paint to try to keep the finish from chipping

and the finished product:

Of course, I had to include a couple dry-erase markers as well as a teeny tiny eraser.

I hope she likes them :D.

Once those were finished, I decided I REALLY wanted one for my self!

Once again, I got all of my supplies together and painted and clear-coated and…

I decided for mine, I’d like to have sections for my list-making.  Anyone who knows me, knows I love my lists!  So there you have it.  Simple, easy and versatile!

I love this project 😀

til next time…


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