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My Crafty trash can…

on September 17, 2012

Okay, so a while back my hubby started to put together a couple of bookshelves to make an armoire of sorts so that I can organize my craft supplies.  I was so excited and I dubbed my soon-to-be craft area, my “crafty corner”.  I purchased two old bookshelves for super cheap from our local yardsales website to put them together as I had seen on


Okay, so my awesome hubby started painting and sanding and taking off the flimsy backing and cutting, then attaching a new backing and painting it… So, I felt really bad when I told him… I changed my mind :D.

I know, I know, I should have kept the original idea what with all the effort Hubby had put into it but it has seriously been taking FOREVER and I’m not really a patient person — hence the reason I rarely read directions — and I really DID have a better idea! Well, the new idea I will save for another post but in THIS post I’m going to tell you about my crafty can :D.

My original thought was to make this match my crafty corner, but then I changed my mind and, well, you get the idea.  I still wanted my trashcan — mainly because LB2 wanted her trashcan back in her room and it DID have her name on it — so I decided to paint stripes on it matching my bedroom and set it next to my desk.  All over the internet, however, I’ve been seeing chevron stripes and I really LOVE ’em!  So, right before I started painting my stripes, I decided to go with chevrons.

Here’s my final product — I forgot the “before” pictures so all I have are the “afters”

And here is my new crafty can next to my desk in my room.

Isn’t it cute :D?

I like it a lot!

Til next time…


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