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DIY iPad case…

on September 20, 2012

Before Hubby and I went on our cruise (yep, I know you’re jealous and it WAS great!), I decided I needed something to carry my iPad in while it was being carried in the backpack.  I didn’t want it to get scratched or dinged or anything like that, so it just need a one of those nifty little cases that you’ve probably seen everywhere.  I’ve seen them too, but they’re kind of expensive, don’t ya think? I mean, the cheapest one I’ve seen was like $20 and it wasn’t even that cute.

So,I was feeling a little antsy because we were set to leave for our trip the very next day and that led me to decide I needed a case for my iPad.  I GOOGLED (yeah, I know, shocker) “DIY iPad cases” and I came up with this:


After looking around my parents’ house (because we were leaving the kids at my Mom and Dad’s woot woot!), I found these supplies:

Yeah, I can make that work 😀

So, after reading all the directions carefully (hahahahahahaha), I got started and ended up with this:

There’s some bubbling, but I’m thinking that’s because the red is felt so the duct tape kept slipping around so maybe next time I’ll use something else.  Maybe I’ll even use the suggested materials.  Huh, I guess we’ll have to wait and see :D.

Til Next time…


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