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A Sweet little Shrug…

on September 21, 2012

So, LB2 LOVES to wear tank tops and tank dresses all year long.  Since the skinny straps aren’t exactly on the approved list for her school’s dress code, we usually buy a few little short sleeve shrugs in different colors so she can continue to wear her favorite tanks to school and all year long (well, I do put them all away when the weather turns super cold, but here in the south, that doesn’t happen often and it never stays cold for too long).  This year, the only little shrug we could find in her size (ummm, without a super big prize tag — because Mama can’t afford a $30 shrug, ya know?) was a purple one.  Now, the purple one IS super cute, but we need a little more variety than that SO… I decided to try to make a shrug.

Okay, so I decided to do this even though I haven’t really been sewing all summer and I haven’t really gotten to oomph to start back with my sewing as of late, so I set out to find a non- sewing, DIY cute shrug for an 8-year-old.  Well, you all know that I love some GOOGLE, so I went to my favorite search engine and found this:


Super cute, no sewing involved and all I needed was a couple of cheap tee shirts in her size so I could get started.

So, as I was perusing Target’s clearance stuff (I do love some Target clearance!), I found this  $3 grey tee shirt in her size:

And, even though it made me a little bit nervous, I decided to go for it and got out the scissors!

I cut up the center (just like the directions said ;D)

I drew my lines (sorry, I forgot that picture), and then cut the “ties”.  I cut the back and then tried it on my girl :D.  She already loves it

So, what d’ya think?

We like it 😀

Til Next Time…


One response to “A Sweet little Shrug…

  1. Shaunna says:

    Love it! How cute is that!

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