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Making tortilla shell salad bowls…

on September 30, 2012

Okay, so one of my all-time favorite and yummy things to order when we go out for Mexican is the taco salad.  The reason?  Simple: the edible salad bowl :D. Yum! I’ve seen the “make-your-own tortilla bowl” ceramic bowl on t.v. and have had some serious thoughts about buying one.  “But, do I really NEED it?”,  I always think to myself.  Everytime the answer is no, not really, so I either leave it on the shelf at the “as seen on t.v.” section of Walmart or change the channel and don’t buy it off the boob tube.

Well, tonight was taco night and as I was checking out the new bloggers on OneArtsyMamas New Kids on the Block series (just follow the link below if you wanna check out her new bloggy buddies):


Anyway, as I was checking out the newest bloggers, I stumbled across something so awesome, I felt I MUST try it and share! So, here it is:


Homemade tortilla bowls! So cool!  Okay, so I followed the directions — mostly. Instead of the jars (because I only have a couple that I haven’t crafted with already – man, I really need to beef up my pickle jar collection LOL), I used drinking glasses.  These glasses are super thick!  I mean, we got these glasses for our wedding 10 1/2 years ago and they’ve made it through… A LOT of moves and not one single glass has broken!  They’re really amazing glasses :D.

Okay, so back to the directions.  I DID actually read the directions before trying to follow them this time, which is difficult for me most of the time, and I was afraid my indestructable glasses my actually shatter (what she was afraid of for her glasses and the whole reason she used mason jars!).  So, instead of freaking about it too much, I just lowered the temp on my oven to 350 degrees and baked my bowls a little longer.  All was well in the world again once I figured this out. LOL

So, here is a pic of the glasses and a shell draped over one of them:

and here is a pic of the bowls fresh out of the oven:

Aren’t they cute!?

So, once they cooled, we all sat down to dinner – so YUMMY!

And they were pretty good, if I do say so myself!  I would prefer for them to be a little more crispy, so I think next time I will keep them in the oven even longer than I did this time.  Maybe they’ll have to right amount of crispness :D.

So, if you decide to try this, I’d love to hear about your efforts 🙂 and how your taco salad bowls turn out.  So, leave a comment and let me know how yours turned out or if you tried something different that worked!

Good luck and

til next time…


One response to “Making tortilla shell salad bowls…

  1. Shaunna says:

    The bowls look great! I don’t think your glasses will shatter, especially if they are thick. Next time, try it with 1 and increase the temperature a little……

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