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‘Mother’ Bracelet…

on October 14, 2012

Several years ago my kids gave me a necklace I saw in a magazine and wanted :D.  It was so nice of them (and mostly Hubby) to order it and give it to me for Mother’s Day that year.  That was long before LB3 came into the picture so…  quite a few years ago.  The necklace part of it was a light pink satin-y chord and the charm was a simple circular washer with ‘Mother’ stamped on it.  Sometimes simplicity is best :D.  I’m not sure why I always forget the “before” pics, but just sit back and try to imagine it :D.  Okay.

Because the chord is such a light color, it’s gotten dirty over the years.  I thought about just washing it but it didn’t work to get all the dirt out so my cute and simple necklace just stayed, unworn on the jewelry holder in my room for quite a while  *sigh*.

The other day, however, I found a really simple tutorial online:


so I went searching through my crafty stash and this is how it turned out…

This is my cute washer that I started out with — cute, right?

And in my crafty space I found this crafting string.  There was pink in the pack as well, but I thought I’d just use these two colors so I can wear my new bracelet with anything — not just pink.

All I did from there was braid my string (looping it onto either side of the washer first) and knot it at the end of each side just like in the tutorial


 I ended up with a super cute “new” bracelet:

Isn’t it cute?!

I like it 😀 and wear it often, and that’s much better than just leaving it hanging on my jewelry tree!

Til Next Time…


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