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Costumes of the past…

on October 21, 2012

Halloween is officially upon us.  Well, I suppose it HAS been upon us for a couple weeks now but I feel like I’ve been in some weird state of denial LOL.

 All those spooky decorations and Halloween candy trying to jump into my grocery cart (I swear, it literally tries to JUMP into my cart!) has only one thing to say:  It’s that time of year again!!  Get ready, get set and… get spooky!

I don’t know about you, but I love this time of year.  I like the weather (even though it’s cold enough for a coat in the morning and warm enough for shorts by mid-afternoon), I like the fall festival’s, the decorations you see all over and, of course, all the yummy recipes you get to make this time of year.

I especially like to see all the creative, scary, sweet, and awesome costumes out there when Trick-or-Treaters start ringing my doorbell.

 I tend to get a bit nostalgic these days and lately I’ve been thinking back on all the Halloween’s of the past.  I couldn’t remember all the many costumes my family has worn, but I did find a few pics from the past few years.  So I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did …

LB3’s first costume when she was still in my belly — My lil punkin 😀

LB2 – as a super cute kitty

and LB1 – ummm, slasher??? (this was the first year he decided the scarier, the better


My cheerleader and my ladybug!

LB2 2010

LB3 2010


LB1 – a Spy, I think

Dad as a werewolf


LB3 – Supergirl!


LB2 – My Little Pony (Rainbow Dash to be exact)

LB1 – decided he was too cool this year to dress up.  He DID stay home while we trick-or-treated to hand out candy.

This year, my kids have decided they wanted to be things that didn’t require any sewing on my part — huh, go figure.  I tried to nudge the little bits into letting me sew SOMETHING for them, and I even thought about making LB3 another princess dress (since that is what she will be this Halloween), but I ultimately decided against it since she already has about a billion princess dresses in the dress-up bin.

LB2 has changed her mind so many times that it’s almost difficult to keep up with all the ideas she’s had just in this month alone!  First she wanted to be a princess like her sister, then that changed to a spider princess (your guess is as good as mine), then on to a snake princess (I have no idea what THAT would look like either), only to be changed again to a vampire and now she has FINALLY decided (her words) on being one of the girls from Monster High.  I just decided to buy her the accessories for that one since, again, I really have no idea and we’re running out of time to make something.  I guess we’ll see what happens and I’ll make sure to let you all know what we come up with.

LB1 has decided to make his own costume 🙂 which I think is awesome.  I will definitely post pictures of that.  He has also changed his mind several times since the beginning of October and has gone from Spiderman, to The Punisher and then some type of thing where he started making a costume out of recycled soup cans (don’t ask because I don’t know), and now he’s decided to be a character that he’s made up himself.  I’m not sure what that person will be or look like, but I’m excited to see his vision come to life :D.  He’s pretty creative when it comes to this type of thing, so I think it’ll be pretty awesome when he gets done with it.  I’ll keep you posted on that too:D.

So that’s where we stand so far on the Halloween costumes.

Til next time…


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