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Halloween “stuff”… A skeleton and a scarecrow

on October 25, 2012

I love this time of year!

The weather is turning cooler (time to pull out all my cute and comfy boots!), the leaves are falling, and everyone is gearing up for Halloween!  You know what that means… pumpkins, skeletons and costumes! My kids especially love it when we start pulling out all of our Halloween decorations.  Each year when it’s time to put all the Halloween “stuff” away, I make sure to go check out all the after holiday sales.  So, every year we have new “stuff” to dig through and get excited about without having to actually go out and buy new stuff at “new stuff” prices.  Aaaaaahhhhhh, I DO love a deal!

We also love to make our own decorations.  The kids really like to get creative when making anything so it’s always fun when we start getting out our crafty supplies to make something new.

A couple of years ago, Little Bit 1 (he was little once upon a time) and I built a skeleton out of PVC pipe with a little help from my Dad.  I saw a “tutorial” in a magazine (although I can’t remember which one) and it sounded pretty easy.  I had my Dad cut white PVC pipe  to the lengths we needed, then we just put the “skeleton’s” body together with elbow joints.  Once all that was together, we used an old Sunny D jug to make the “skull”.  We just painted it white, let it dry and painted on eyes, and mouth with black.

Our skeleton on the left and our scarecrow on the right

Since we love to make some interesting decorations, when we went to the Fall Festival at BrookGreen Gardens this year and they said we could make our own scarecrow (pictured with our skeleton), we jumped at the chance!

LB2 decided her name should be Sparkles.

Once we had a name, it was time to draw Sparkles’ face:

Here are the two littlest bits drawing on a face for Sparkles.

Then we had to pick out clothes and the stakes and put her together.

Add some straw and moss for hair with a few zip ties and wah-lah

Sparkles was born!

The girls were really excited (even though they went to play in the hay stacks while my Mom and I put the whole thing together!) especially when we got to take Sparkle’s home with us.

Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to store Sparkles.  Hmmmm.

Til Next time…


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