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on November 2, 2012

We all love Halloween in the Sloan household (I wasn’t sure if you realized that yet so I wanted to make sure).  Trick-or-treating is SO much fun!  Even though Hubby and I don’t usually get dressed up for the trick-or-treating ritual, we still have fun watching the Little Bits get so excited.  This year was super exciting because LB3 is 2 and has been getting more and more excited with each passing day.  I wasn’t even sure that she realized what the excitement was over exactly, but she was a pro!  This was one proud Mama :D!

Before we could head out, there were preparations to be made.  The princess had to put on her dress and tiara (along with all of her jewelry) and Frankie Stein had to be made up.  She wanted a before and after pick “for the blog” LOL.  So here they are.

BEFORE: my sweet little bit2

AFTER: a sassy Frankie Stein (that’s the daughter of Frankenstein for those

of you who have NO IDEA what or who Monster High is — I was right there with ya)

I’m especially proud of my neck bolts, so make sure you pay extra attention to those ;)!

Before we left for our candy collection, we had to set up the candy bowls for the other Trick-or-treaters…

We want NO tricks at this house!

The cutest princess and Frankie Stein trick-or-treating at the first house (just look at that excitement!)

The pic is kind of blurry, but I had to post this pic of Daddy with his princess 😀

She says, “Oh Mom!” — I say “What?!”

Lb3 struggling to get that treat sack open. LOL.  Don’t worry… she got it :D.

One of the last houses of the night.  We ended up with lots of candy in the LB’s treat sacks, not too much candy left in the candy bowls (thanks goodness!), and two very tired parents.  It was SO much fun :).

Hope you all had a blast with your little goblins and monsters!

Til Next time…


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