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Another Day, Another Fall Festival…

on November 11, 2012

This year we have been doing all sorts of fun fall things! We were invited to yet another fall festival last week and decided to check it out and have a little fall fun — well, a little MORE fall fun :).

We started the evening jumping in the jumpy houses

I swear, their favorite part of the jumpy houses is falling down on purpose LOL

That was followed by a little fishing

LB2 caught a couple of “kissing” fish 😉

Next was LB3’s turn

She caught some “kissing” fish too!

“Look Mom!”

Oh, they were SO pleased 🙂 LOL

Now we are the proud owners of “Fishy” and “Goldie”

We tried our hand at throwing the ping-pong ball in the little fish bowls (that’s harder than it looks)

We tried throwing darts at the balloons — 2 pops out of 3 WOO-HOO!

We threw some little lambs threw the holes

and we used a slingshot on the giant

had fun in a cake walk

enjoyed some yummy refreshments

We even took some home to enjoy later :D.

All-in-all, it was a really fun time and we had a very fun evening.

Now, to go to Walmart and get some food for those fish.  Hmmmm, maybe I’ll regret letting the girls bring those suckers home, but it made them oh so happy to when a “real live fish!” LOL

Til Next time…


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