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Home made leg warmers …

on December 6, 2012

So, I made a bunch of these a couple of years ago for my LB2 and thought I’d share with you since the weather’s really cooling off and if you have some Little Bits that love to wear cute dresses all through the year, these are for you!

I really don’t remember where I found the idea for these, but these were just made out of some cutesy socks that were mine (I used to wear CRAZY but fun socks :D).  All I did was cut the toes off my socks, then cut them again at the bottom of the heel, and again at the top of the heel.  So, you’ll have 4 pieces per sock (a toe, and small tubular piece, a heel, and the top part, or ankle part, of your original sock).

Now, you just need to get rid of the toe and heel (I always say keep it just in case you can find a use for it later — a ski cap for a small stuffed animal??  I don’t know LOL).  Take the ankle part and fold it right side in.  Take the small tube and put both unfinished ends together and then pin both unfinished ends to the unfinished end on the ankle part making sure all the ends are facing the same way.  Now you just sew a straight stitch through all 3 layers, fold it right-side out and you have homemade baby leg warmers!  Wah-lah!

Your Welcome LOL

I’m just glad I kept them and now my LB3 can wear them!

Til Next time…


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