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Gunny Claus…

on December 23, 2012

Being a military family, we are often stationed far away from our extended families.  It’s hard during the holidays to live so far from your extended loved ones and that sometimes makes it hard to get into the Christmas spirit.  It’s because of this reason, that there are different programs specifically geared towards military families.  During the holidays, these programs give a certain type of “family” feeling during the holidays to those who can’t be home for this time of year and also for those whose loved one is deployed during this time of year and can’t be home with them to celebrate.

This year, the girls and I went to the USO in our city and were able to have breakfast with Gunny Claus!

IMG_4105 IMG_4106

I just want to say Thank You to our USO and all the people who volunteer here just so that my family can have some happiness this time of year.  I truly hope they know how much of a difference they truly make.


Gunny Claus was pretty awesome.  And the girls had fun too :).

We also had breakfast while we waited our turn. Yum!

IMG_4101 IMG_4099 IMG_4097

And this is the ornament Gunny Claus gave to the girls :).  It’s so cute!


Merry Christmas!

Til Next Time…


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