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It’s Potty-Training Time…

on January 25, 2013

So, my littlest bit just turned 3 — hence the Princess Party in an earlier post ;).

Since my little Princess is such a big girl, I thought it was high time we give this whole potty-training thing a try… again… for the third time.  Third time’s the charm, right?

Because we were starting on this train again, I decided to make a sewing project that’s been on my favorite’s list (and pinned on one of my pinterest boards) for a while just waiting until my girl was finally ready for them.

I got out my sewing machine (whew!  it’s been a while since I got that out), my rotary cutter and got started.

First of all, the website with the tutorial is here:


This was one EASY-PEASY tutorial so thank you itsourlongstory.blogspot.com!

Then I dove head first into my project!

I decided to listen to the tutorial 😀 (I normally have a difficult time with that, I know), and use some toddler training panties that were already made instead of making my own.  Then I went step-by-step and followed all the directions just as they were written :).  I was pretty proud of myself LOL.

2013-01-15 14.22.36

I made my pattern piece

2013-01-15 14.34.28

cut it out

and started sewing

2013-01-15 15.12.02 2013-01-15 15.36.06

My Princess’s Princess Panties!

Since I really didn’t want to keep buying pull-ups (mostly because she just uses them like diapers), but these panties just weren’t keeping the “spills” from going everywhere, this tutorial was PERFECT!!  Now they’re Princess Panties (and we DO NOT wanna pee or poo on a Princess — oh no!) and they’re also more absorbent, as well as oh so cute on my Sweet Princess :).

Now we just have to get this thing done!  This Mama is SO ready to stop buying diapers! 😀

Til Next Time…


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