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Another Aquarium…

on January 27, 2013

It’s not a secret that I love a good deal!  It’s also not a secret that I love a good deal and a good time with the family all rolled into one!

When I found out about the free admission to


 I was stoked! I quickly began making the plans for our outing.  First of all, I’ll let you all know that apparently the Pine Knoll Shores & Fort Fisher aquariums both offer two free admission days a year where anyone and everyone are welcomed to hang out for FREE!  I know, right!? On Martin Luther King Jr Day and Veterans Day admission is free for all!

This year on MLK the Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium also hosted a food drive for a local pantry where you could bring in any food item donations for a good cause.

So, of course, we got ourselves ready and headed out to enjoy a fun family day at the aquarium!

2013-01-21 11.58.40 2013-01-21 11.58.46 2013-01-21 12.00.16 2013-01-21 12.01.06 2013-01-21 12.02.27 2013-01-21 12.03.04 2013-01-21 12.04.09 2013-01-21 12.05.38

Look! A fish!

2013-01-21 12.15.03

The otter exhibit was a favorite!

2013-01-21 12.15.38 2013-01-21 12.15.40 2013-01-21 12.16.12

They sure do like to play!

2013-01-21 12.18.25 2013-01-21 12.18.33 2013-01-21 12.19.03 2013-01-21 12.21.16

The Nature Trail was fun too

2013-01-21 12.25.30 2013-01-21 12.29.08 2013-01-21 12.47.39 2013-01-21 12.47.56 2013-01-21 13.02.06

What fun would it be if we didn’t take all the photo ops?

2013-01-21 13.11.40 2013-01-21 13.15.06 2013-01-21 13.16.31 2013-01-21 13.16.50 2013-01-21 13.17.20


2013-01-21 13.22.20 2013-01-21 13.22.41 2013-01-21 13.22.52

Time to pet the stingrays

2013-01-21 13.24.05

And then see some sea turtles

2013-01-21 13.25.15

Awww, they’re so cute!

2013-01-21 13.25.20 2013-01-21 13.29.19 2013-01-21 13.31.44 2013-01-21 13.33.51 2013-01-21 13.36.01 2013-01-21 13.38.16 2013-01-21 13.38.21

Whew!  What a great and tiring day! Now time to find something to eat.  Word to the wise, the only concessions stand at this aquarium is closed during the off-season.
2013-01-21 13.45.11 2013-01-21 13.45.14 2013-01-21 13.45.16

And almost every restaurant nearby is also closed during the cold months as well.  Sigh.

We DID find someplace to eat and it was yummy, but we were eating and not taking pictures :).

It was a great day and we all had a lot of fun.  If you are ever in the area, you should totally check out this aquarium.  The next thing I REALLY wanna check out is the sea turtles hatching from their nests.  I KNOW it happens in our area because I’ve seen the nests but I would super love to see it happening!  I just think those little turtles are so cute.

…til next time


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