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Another day, another book report project…

on January 31, 2013

The last time my Little Bit2 had a project due, I was so excited for her :D.  I mean, it’s almost like a right of passage to have an actual project to do for school :).  Well, this go round I was just as excited! I don’t know what it is but I just always loved doing projects for school growing up and I guess I just love seeing the creativity my kids come up with while they’re doing their projects for school now.

This project was another book report-type thing.  There are several different types of ideas the students can choose from (I’m sure that’s to keep them in line but also give them room to be creative) and this time, LB2 chose to make a board game that went along with the book she read.

She had a clear idea in her head before she even began and, even though she listened to my ideas and helpful hints (and used one or two of them), I’m VERY proud to tell you that she didn’t stray from her original idea and did exactly what she’d planned :).  Oh, I am SO a proud Mama :D.

Here are the board game guidelines:

2013-01-15 09.02.29

After reading through them to make sure all the bases are covered, the supplies came out and she got started.

2013-01-15 09.02.49

She’s very artistic, so this was right up her alley!

We had a bit of trouble figuring out the spinner because I could NOT find those darn brads anywhere (well, not until AFTER we solved the problem anyway — isn’t that just the way it always is??).

2013-01-15 18.14.48

She also made her own playing pieces instead of using something found around the house.  Like I said, artistic.

2013-01-15 09.02.18

Once it was all put together and the finished touches were added, it was time to practice her presentation.

2013-01-27 13.56.02

Here’s the final product.  I don’t know about any of you but I really wanted to go with her to school that day and watch her give her presentation!  I didn’t… but I really wanted to :).

…Til Next Time!


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