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Vocabulary Parade…

on March 18, 2013

Little Bit2 gets the BEST assignments at school these days!  What’s better than a book report that you can scalp or make your own board game?  Well, that would be dressing up as a vocabulary word for a super fun Vocabulary Parade!!

That’s right.  The students get to pick a word from their vocabulary list and then make a costume that represents that word.  I think that was my favorite part — sitting with her and brainstorming ideas for her word :D.  It was too much fun!

The word chosen: VAIN

“You’re so vain! I bet you think this song is about you…”

And it is pretty funny that when I started singing this my LB2 said her teacher “sang that SAME song to me, Mom!”

Okay, so she decided the best way to show her Vain-ness ;), would be to dress in her most fabulous dress (with her high heels, of course), fix her hair and wear a most luxurious tiara headband, and pin a bunch of awards all over herself that show how great she is.  We don’t really have a bunch of awards but I did have some blank awards that are some DIY reward ribbons.  So, LB2 sat on down and made herself some ribbons.

The big day arrived so we got her all done up and here she is being vain

2013-03-06 07.49.47

I also found the PERFECT handheld mirror at the Dollar Tree!  Like I said, Perfect 😉

2013-03-06 07.48.55

Very fun and she was so excited to show her classmates and her teacher her costume.

And, guess what!!!

She totally won a prize for Most Creative costume!!  Woot Woot!  And THAT is MY girl 🙂

2013-03-06 14.23.10

What a fantastic job she did :D!

I am such a super proud Mama right about now.

…Til Next Time


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