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Puppy Party Decor…

Like I said before, I really had a blast getting things ready for this party.  My Little Bit2 and I put our heads together to come up with some fun decorations we could make ourselves and this is what we came up with.

2013-04-19 10.25.45I drew a Happy Birthday sign on the chalkboard we already had and tied skinny balloons to the top of it and added a few blown up balloons to finish it off.

2013-04-19 19.10.16I drew the doggy for pin the tail on the dog game and it was also part of the decor!

2013-04-19 17.47.49We used doilies for the Happy Birthday banner and made big tissue paper flowers.  We also put some battery-operated candles in some pink bags for the table.

2013-04-19 17.43.36LB2’s Grandpa came through with a super huge box for us so we could make the “doghouse”.  We cut the door out of it and papered it with white paper so my Little Bit’s could draw hot pink paw prints and squiggles (mostly LB3’s contributions).  Then we finished it off with the Big Bone “All Wagger’s Welcome” sign.

2013-04-19 17.09.10

I made signs for each area of the puppy adoption areas so everyone would know what they needed to do at each area.

2013-04-19 17.08.57I also made a checklist for the Animal Hospital area so the girls could check off each thing as they checked their puppy’s vitals and cuddliness :).

2013-04-19 17.42.21we had Dad hang the streamers (we may do that ourselves next time 😉 lol)

2013-04-19 18.34.05And we turned our light pink balloons into puppy balloons and hung them around the main party room.

It was a lot of fun coming up with the ideas – my LB2 is SUPER creative – and I think it turned out pretty awesome!

…til next time!

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A Dog-gone good time…

Tee hee hee!  I really had fun creating this party for my girl :D!  I know that birthday parties are really for the kids, but I truly had fun in the planning, the crafting, the baking, and the having of this birthday party! 😀

Here are some of the pics from the actual day:

2013-04-16 14.37.42Happy Birthday!

2013-04-19 17.47.49

2013-04-19 10.24.58The Adoption Center

2013-04-19 10.25.18The adoption certificates were a free download from Chickabug.

2013-04-19 17.08.47The Pet Clinic

2013-04-19 18.52.35

2013-04-19 13.20.22The Puppy Supply Shop

2013-04-19 18.58.08(the cute printables on the puppy chow also came from chickabug).

2013-04-19 18.07.13Dog-gone yummy treats!

2013-04-19 18.28.48

2013-04-19 20.16.52The Puppy Cake and requested (by the birthday girl) Pupcakes

2013-04-19 19.19.15Gift opening time!

2013-04-19 19.12.11Pin the tail on the puppy

2013-04-19 19.01.00And there’s always time for a photo-op!! 😉

…til next time!

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How much is that doggy in the window…

So, it’s my girl’s 9th birthday this year.  Sigh.  The time is going by too fast these days! Anyway, this year LB2 decided she wanted a puppy party.  It seemed like a pretty strange theme to me when she started crawling around on the floor and barking.  Yep, that’s my kid ;).

Anyway, when she did finally settle on this theme, we sat down together and got started (notebook in hand) to brainstorm some ideas.  One she definitely wanted was a puppy adoption.  So we jumped in feet first and got busy!

Here are the invitations we ended up making:

2013-04-14 18.44.57 2013-04-14 17.27.47

2013-04-14 17.27.59

2013-04-14 17.28.09

We got them all ready and sent them out to our guests!

My girl was SO excited.

Party pics coming soon!!

…Til Next Time!

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A book report about Helen Keller…

It’s that time again…  time for another book report that is.  If you are a regular reader, you already know how excited I am this year over my Little Bit 2’s book reports because not only are there many different project ideas to choose from, but they are also a way for my LB2 to get creative (and excited) after reading a good book!

The book she chose to do her report on this go round was a biography about Helen Keller.  Right away she knew she wanted to dress up like Helen Keller so she decided to do “Mystery Person” and see if her classmates will be able to guess who she is dressed up as after reading her card with “clue’s” she’d written on it.  We dug through her closet and found this old Easter dress I made from a couple years ago:


A few alterations and she was in heaven with her dress.

But she still thought something was missing.  After flipping through the book and checking out the pictures, she decided what she needed was an apron.  Any old apron would not do for this one though, she drew me out a picture of what she had in mind so we scoured the internet for a tutorial (It’s SO much better with a tutorial!) only to find there was not one single tutorial for THE apron she wanted.  Hmmmm.  What to do?

So, I had to sit down and really figure out what exactly she wanted and how I could make it happen.

Here’s the apron she liked that we found online:


She had a few suggestions to change the apron a little bit.  Like a shorter, not so full skirt and less “frilly stuff”.

So, we sketched it out:

2013-03-18 13.37.37 2013-03-18 13.37.52

And here’s the one I came up with:

2013-03-17 17.10.06 2013-03-17 17.10.11

I am pretty pleased with the outcome and…

2013-03-17 17.10.22

LB2 was happy too :).

The day of the presentation, she had her outfit, her list of “clues” and was ready for her presentation

2013-03-27 07.49.47

Isn’t she too cute? 😀

…Til Next Time!

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