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A Dog-gone good time…

on April 25, 2013

Tee hee hee!  I really had fun creating this party for my girl :D!  I know that birthday parties are really for the kids, but I truly had fun in the planning, the crafting, the baking, and the having of this birthday party! 😀

Here are some of the pics from the actual day:

2013-04-16 14.37.42Happy Birthday!

2013-04-19 17.47.49

2013-04-19 10.24.58The Adoption Center

2013-04-19 10.25.18The adoption certificates were a free download from Chickabug.

2013-04-19 17.08.47The Pet Clinic

2013-04-19 18.52.35

2013-04-19 13.20.22The Puppy Supply Shop

2013-04-19 18.58.08(the cute printables on the puppy chow also came from chickabug).

2013-04-19 18.07.13Dog-gone yummy treats!

2013-04-19 18.28.48

2013-04-19 20.16.52The Puppy Cake and requested (by the birthday girl) Pupcakes

2013-04-19 19.19.15Gift opening time!

2013-04-19 19.12.11Pin the tail on the puppy

2013-04-19 19.01.00And there’s always time for a photo-op!! 😉

…til next time!


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