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One more thing to check off the list…

Seems to me that there’s always something to fold, clean or fix.  Does it seem like that to anyone else?  Well, today I finally got to my ever growing pile of stuff to fix (you know, that pile of shirts needing a button sewn on, or jeans with a rip in the knee, or that dress with the hem falling out).  Well, this particular article of clothing is actually something of mine (usually I get to everyone else’s thing before I do mine, but this time I decided to be first).

So, I dislike it very much when the underwire in my bra breaks through and starts to slowly inch it’s way out of the casing and begins poking me in the side!  I just couldn’t throw away my FAVORITE bras just because a tiny little piece of wire was poking out!  So, I set out on google to find a quick fix and came across this


and I thought what a great product!

And then, being the cheapskate that I am, I thought hmmm, could I do that cheaper?

I got on google once again, looking for a cheaper version of this.  Well, I never did find one but I got to thinking…

and this is what I came up with.  It’s cheaper, it’s a no-sew way to fix this problem and, so far, I have washed my bras (after fixing them this way) several times (like A LOT) and they are still “fixed” ;D.

Materials Needed:

a sheet of felt (like 20 cents at Walmart) and any color but it’s probably better to try to get a color that is either neutral, or will match your bra


hot glue gun and glue stick

So, you can probably figure it out but all you do is push your wire back in the casing as far as it will go, cut a small rectangle of the felt a little larger than the size of the area being covered (that would be the hole that the wire is poking out of ;D) and hot glue it into place.  Once the glue dries, I just used my scissors to snip off the excess glue and felt.

Here’s my before pictures:

2013-03-12 18.54.23 2013-03-12 18.55.43

And the after picture:

2013-03-13 07.09.36

I’m pretty excited and have fixed 2 bras this way so far and plan to fix all future bra/wire poking out problems this way :D.  This is SO great because before I always had to just throw away my expensive Victoria’s Secret bras and that is just NOT fun.  So this is perfect!  I know this is a universal problem for women everywhere so the next time something’s poking you and you think Awwwww man!, think again and try this trick :D! I love it!

…Til Next Time!

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