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Museum/Planetarium Field Trip…

I love being a Stay-at-home Mom.  I am so blessed to be able to stay home with my Littlest Bit and spend our days together before she goes off to school.  I’m also so happy that I get to go on field trips and classroom parties for my Middle Bit — especially since she still wants me to!

Last week, my third grader and her class went on a field trip to Neuseway Park in Kinston, N.C. and I got to go too!  It was so much fun.

First stop: the Planetarium

2013-01-11 10.16.29 2013-01-11 10.14.48 2013-01-11 10.14.18 2013-01-11 10.13.45

It was SO cool

2013-01-11 10.18.05 2013-01-11 10.17.48 2013-01-11 10.17.38

We got to see all sorts of constellations as well as the moon, the sun rise and planets that are visible at night during this time of year.  Like I said, SO cool :D.

Next stop: Science Museum

2013-01-11 11.06.09 2013-01-11 11.05.54 2013-01-11 11.05.03 2013-01-11 11.04.24 2013-01-11 11.03.11 2013-01-11 11.02.49 2013-01-11 11.01.52 2013-01-11 11.00.16 2013-01-11 11.00.11 2013-01-11 10.59.51 2013-01-11 10.58.46 2013-01-11 10.58.19 2013-01-11 10.58.06 2013-01-11 10.15.53

Super Fun!

Next Stop: Visiting with the Raptors

2013-01-11 11.30.23 2013-01-11 11.30.19 2013-01-11 11.17.38 2013-01-11 11.17.32 2013-01-11 11.15.00

Next: We went down into the cave

2013-01-11 11.39.54 2013-01-11 11.59.31 2013-01-11 11.59.18 2013-01-11 11.59.09 2013-01-11 11.59.01 2013-01-11 11.58.51 2013-01-11 11.58.46 2013-01-11 11.58.20 2013-01-11 11.57.21 2013-01-11 11.55.01 2013-01-11 11.54.49 2013-01-11 11.54.15 2013-01-11 11.53.57 2013-01-11 11.53.36 2013-01-11 11.53.28 2013-01-11 11.53.10 2013-01-11 11.52.53 2013-01-11 11.52.28 2013-01-11 11.48.28 2013-01-11 11.48.20 2013-01-11 11.47.53 2013-01-11 11.46.20 2013-01-11 11.45.32 2013-01-11 11.45.28 2013-01-11 11.45.20 2013-01-11 11.44.36 2013-01-11 11.42.28 2013-01-11 11.42.18 2013-01-11 11.41.47 2013-01-11 11.41.07 2013-01-11 11.40.23

Next Stop: Lunch and playtime on the playground

2013-01-11 12.13.09 2013-01-11 12.34.02 2013-01-11 12.26.37 2013-01-11 12.25.59 2013-01-11 12.25.39and back on the bus to head home.  It was a super fun field trip.  I had a lot of fun and I’m pretty sure I learned a thing or two ;).

Til Next Time…

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A Party Fit for a Princess…

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone reading this blog had a great time ringing in 2013.  I nearly made it to the countdown but I fell asleep not even an hour before the ball dropping!  It seems that this is my fate every New Year’s Eve :).  Oh well, better to be well-rested, I suppose.

Anyway, with the coming of a new year, another awesome celebration follows — that is the celebration of my Littlest Bit’s birth.  This year, her third year, is to be a Princess Party since my own little one is a very sweet little Princess herself and loves all things Princess.

So, the invitations were printed

and sent;

A Princess cake and cupcakes were ordered;

A castle was made;

And the day of the party arrived…


We donned our crowns


And our Princess attire


Set our table


With lots of yummy treats

DSCN0919 DSCN0920 DSCN0921 DSCN0922

And as the first Princesses arrived, we got this party started!!

DSCN0923 DSCN0924 DSCN0927 DSCN0929

Let’s open presents!

DSCN0930 DSCN0931 DSCN0932 DSCN0934 DSCN0935 DSCN0936 DSCN0937 DSCN0938 DSCN0939 DSCN0941

And eat cake!

DSCN0943 DSCN0945It was a terrific Day! And my Princess had a Perfectly Princess-y Party!

Here are the details:

As each Princess arrived, wearing their beautiful Princess gowns of course, they went straight to decorating their very own magic wand with foam stickers.  We had extra dresses out for anyone who needed to borrow one as well as Princess heels set out for any Princess who needs shoes.


Then it was time to decorate a picture frame which would hold a picture of themselves in front of our Perfectly Pink Princess Castle.



THAT was so fun :D!

When everyone completed their wand and picture frame as well as their photo op, it was time to play with the Princess dress-up dolls and the tea set.

545097_10200205982133196_1008041861_n 545177_10200205983133221_1078472173_n

 After playtime was over (HA, is playtime really ever over? Umm, no!), we had refreshments.  There were magic wands, Princess Pillows, candy sticks, Glass slipper cookies, red rubies, and so many other goodies to delicately dine on.


Next it was present-opening time! Oh, my Little Bit had a super good time opening her gifts! But what Princess wouldn’t?


Then we sang a little birthday song and had some delicious cupcakes.


When the party was all done, everyone went home with their goody bags (which consisted of a couple bracelets, some princess stickers, a Cinderella lip gloss cell phone, some princess stick-on nails, a small tub of play-doh, a cup of cookie sticks with chocolate and strawberry icing and a thank you note) as well as a small tea set for each Princess.


It was such a great day!  I’m so happy that my LB3 had a good party and a lot of fun with her friends and family!

Happy Birthday, Princess


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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…

All the boys were working on a Friday evening so us girls decided to go out and have some FUN!

We invited our neighbor across the street and started our evening at a quaint little place that we happened to have LOTS of leftover tokens from a previous birthday party…



IMG_3790 IMG_3829


IMG_3822 IMG_3811 IMG_3807 IMG_3805 IMG_3802 IMG_3800 IMG_3798 IMG_3796 IMG_3794 IMG_3793


After we had our fill of games, we went out for dinner…


There were laughs,


and giggles,


and a lot of fun had by all.

IMG_3831 IMG_3830

After all that, we were all pooped so we went home.  All-in-all, it was a good night and these girls had a lot of fun :D.

Til Next Time…

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Ahhhhhh, Alaska…

Ahhhhhhhh, Alaska…

A gorgeous view from the ship

Hubby and I enjoying the view…

There was so much to do and rather than try to explain it all, I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves 😀

It was a wonderful trip!  I would most definitely recommend a trip to Alaska to anyone who wants to go on a vacation that’s relaxing and has breathtaking scenery — oh, yeah, and WHALES!!  That was my favorite part (betcha couldn’t tell, huh?).

Anyway, it was fantastic!

Til next time…

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