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Her first school project…

I’m kind of excited because this year (being LB2’s 3rd grade year) is the beginning of book reports for my Little Bit #2.  That sounds kind of bad — like I’m enjoying the fact that my little bit has to do more work.  Hmm, well, that’s not the case.  I’m just excited because in my family we have always enjoyed a love for reading. Sometimes my middle bit gets upset that she has to read for 20 minutes as part of her homework (man, I’d LOVE 20 minutes of quiet reading time LOL), but I know she does enjoy reading a good story, a silly story or sometimes even a book telling all about different kinds of animals.

I’m mostly excited about this project because the teacher LB2 has this year has a very different way of asking her children to do the reports.  Gone are the days of 2-4 page written essays with the student standing in front of the entire class reading for everyone.  We’ll have none of that! The book reports of today involve sculpting clay, or making up your own board game, or  even acting out your favorite character in a scene from your book (among other choices)! I mean, isn’t that AWESOME?! I think so (I know you couldn’t tell).

When LB2 came home with this packet, I looked it over and wanted her to get started right away!  I was so excited that THIS would spark her interest in reading as much as the rest of our family members.  Well… one part of the project is that the student needs teacher approval of the book (and that took like 3 weeks for her to get because she kept forgetting).  Then she also needed approval for the actual project she chose… oh me oh my! That also took a couple of weeks because of the forgetfulness.  I mean, really?!

Okay, so she finally got all the approval she needed and out came the modeling clay — woo-hoo!!

The clay was out, the book was chosen (Animals of Australia), and she was ready to begin…

My artsy Little Bit LOVES a good art project, so she dove right into that clay.

First she made an Emu

And then a dingo (gotta have a little dingo bit in the cave)

and a King snake.

We used an old cookie sheet that I’d been saving for a craft project 😉 and wrapped it in brown packing paper (also saved for a crafty project) that we wrinkled up and she colored the grass and dirt and water.

She decided it would be really great if she had something to use as a background, so we looked around and found a long popcorn box in the recycles and cut it to work for her background.  She colored that as well and we hot glued everything down.

Tah-dah! The art portion of her project was complete!  She filled out her 4×6 index card with the proper information and started practicing her 2-3 minute speech that she present to the class.

Here she is on the way to school practicing her “speech” in the car.

She did a really great job with this and I think she’ll get a good grade.  It took her forever to get the approvals she needed, and it took several days to get all the work completed but, in the end, she did a great job.  She worked hard and was very pleased with the finished product.

I was very pleased that the project was so much fun for her AND that the only thing we had to buy was the modeling clay!  I LOVE that my girl was super excited that we recycled most of the materials used to make her project :D.

Good Luck, Little Bit! I’m so proud of you.


Til Next time…

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Dedicated to all those blogs out there…

I love reading other blogs.  It’s so fun for me to see what other people can do with a little bit of ingenuity and a few items around the house.  I think I really like to read the blogs out there to get ideas for projects I want to do, enter contests (though I have yet to win a single one LOL), and I REALLY love reading about the writers.  I feel like I know some of these people (is that weird?) and I often find myself laughing out loud to some of their funnier stories.  No matter how tough my day is going, I can always count on my fellow bloggers out there to either make me chuckle or give me a new idea for a new craft project.  With all that said, I wanted to share with you some of the blogs I  follow and read (at least the highlights — I AM a mom of three, ya know) nearly everyday!

A few of my all time favorite blogs are:







and, of course, my cousins blog 😀


I WAS going to only list a couple, but I really couldn’t decide which ones were the best out of this list! I mean, seriously, they’re THAT good :D.  You should really go check them out!  I know you’ll find at least one on the list that you’ll decide to follow.

Til next time…

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