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Pillowcase Dress Drive…

As you may know, I LOVE reading other blogs! I am actually a blog follower of several (probably like 20!! — is that a lot??) other blogs via my email.  I just love getting a new post in my inbox!  It’s so much fun to see what other bloggers are up to :).

So about a week or so ago, I got this post


in my inbox from one of my favorite bloggers.

Basically, this young lady is looking for people to make and donate a pillowcase dress (or two) so she can take them on her missions trip to Uganda and help clothe these poverty-stricken young girls there for Project Yesu.  She will also be taking other supplies (food, medicine and educational materials)that are desperately needed to help.

What a great thing to do!

I can TOTALLY make a few pillowcase dresses and send them her way!

If you sew (or don’t), they are taking any and all size dresses made from any fabric and any colors to take with them.  All you have to do is make ’em and send ’em to:

Project Yesu
c/o Rory Fundora
1178 Willow Bend Drive
Clarksville, TN 37043
The deadline for getting them there is May 31, so let’s get started! 🙂
I’m kind of excited!  I haven’t been sewing very much at all lately, and I think this will give me my sewing mojo back so I can tackle the ever growing pile of “stuff I need to fix/ make” :D.
…Til Next Time
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Making it snow…

Since we live in Eastern N.C., we don’t see a lot of snow (much to my children’s dismay).  If you’ve been following for a bit, you may remember we actually went to a festival back in December where the girls got to play in the manmade snow.  It was so much fun :D.

Since then, our weatherman has been putting us through the ringer with all this off again, on again cold weather.  One day it’s a nice sunny 65 degrees and the next it’s a chilly 40 degrees with a frigid wind chill!  Let’s just make up our mind here!!

With all that said (and a couple of sad girls who I suppose are realizing that snow is NOT in their near future) a package was delivered and along with it, some super fun snow for my super sweet girls to have a little fun in.

2013-01-28 17.26.45 2013-01-28 17.28.18


2013-01-28 17.41.38snow angels

2013-01-30 12.33.42oh, this is SO much fun!!

2013-01-30 12.29.04and, finally, a little “in the box” time!

Oh what fun! 😀

Somehow, I didn’t get ANY pics of LB2 playing in the packing peanuts, I mean snow.  Rest assured, she did have a lot of fun in the “snow” as well!  It was a lot of fun for the girls and it’s as close to playing in the snow as they’ll get any time soon.

Til Next Time…

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The Clydesdale Horses…

I’m not sure exactly why the Clydesdale Horses came to the PX, but they did and you KNOW we went to check ’em out!

IMG_4020 IMG_4016

IMG_4017 IMG_4023 IMG_4027 IMG_4024

It was fun and they were so beautiful!  And big! 🙂

Til Next Time…

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A Living Nativity…

When I first heard about the Living Nativity that my church puts on, I was very excited to check it out and see what all the hype was about.  Everyone was talking about how awesome it is!  And it was pretty cool, I must say!  But here are some pics so you can see some of the hype :).

First stop on the tour

IMG_4082 IMG_4083

Caesar Augustus reading the law stating that everyone is to travel to their home town to be counted in the census.

Next stop: Mary and Joseph with their donkey making their journey

IMG_4064 IMG_4065

Next stop: The shepards watching over their sheep

IMG_4066 IMG_4067

And then The baby Jesus arrives and is placed in a manger


If you look on the bottom row, third singer from the left, you’ll see my sweet Little Bit2 :).

IMG_4096 IMG_4095

And last we came upon the wise men checking out the star :D.

IMG_4089 IMG_4088

We ended with some apple cider and a cookie

IMG_4093 IMG_4090


And then a few pats for the camel in the petting area 😀

IMG_4080 IMG_4079 IMG_4078

It was pretty Awesome :D!

I hope you got to check it out and if you didn’t, make plans to do so next year :).

Merry Christmas!

Til Next Time…

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Gunny Claus…

Being a military family, we are often stationed far away from our extended families.  It’s hard during the holidays to live so far from your extended loved ones and that sometimes makes it hard to get into the Christmas spirit.  It’s because of this reason, that there are different programs specifically geared towards military families.  During the holidays, these programs give a certain type of “family” feeling during the holidays to those who can’t be home for this time of year and also for those whose loved one is deployed during this time of year and can’t be home with them to celebrate.

This year, the girls and I went to the USO in our city and were able to have breakfast with Gunny Claus!

IMG_4105 IMG_4106

I just want to say Thank You to our USO and all the people who volunteer here just so that my family can have some happiness this time of year.  I truly hope they know how much of a difference they truly make.


Gunny Claus was pretty awesome.  And the girls had fun too :).

We also had breakfast while we waited our turn. Yum!

IMG_4101 IMG_4099 IMG_4097

And this is the ornament Gunny Claus gave to the girls :).  It’s so cute!


Merry Christmas!

Til Next Time…

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Ornament Exchange…

The Bible study that I attend was coming to a close and we were having an ornament exchange.  The only rule was:

don’t spend more than $5

So, since I really LOVE handmade gifts from people :D, I decided I would make my own ornament to exchange.

Last year for Christmas, my niece made this Santa ornament for my gift:


Cute, right?!

So, I decided to make a slight variation of this super cute ornament and wrap it up for the gift exchange!

Here’s mine 😉

IMG_4012 IMG_4013

I had a lot of fun making it and I was so excited to give it away! 😀

I found this tutorial online, in case you might want to make one of these super cute Santa’s too.


Til Next Time…

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Home made leg warmers …

So, I made a bunch of these a couple of years ago for my LB2 and thought I’d share with you since the weather’s really cooling off and if you have some Little Bits that love to wear cute dresses all through the year, these are for you!

I really don’t remember where I found the idea for these, but these were just made out of some cutesy socks that were mine (I used to wear CRAZY but fun socks :D).  All I did was cut the toes off my socks, then cut them again at the bottom of the heel, and again at the top of the heel.  So, you’ll have 4 pieces per sock (a toe, and small tubular piece, a heel, and the top part, or ankle part, of your original sock).

Now, you just need to get rid of the toe and heel (I always say keep it just in case you can find a use for it later — a ski cap for a small stuffed animal??  I don’t know LOL).  Take the ankle part and fold it right side in.  Take the small tube and put both unfinished ends together and then pin both unfinished ends to the unfinished end on the ankle part making sure all the ends are facing the same way.  Now you just sew a straight stitch through all 3 layers, fold it right-side out and you have homemade baby leg warmers!  Wah-lah!

Your Welcome LOL

I’m just glad I kept them and now my LB3 can wear them!

Til Next time…

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It’s Ball Season!


Every November the US Marine Corps celebrates it’s history by having a birthday ball.  That’s right, we get to go to a ball!!  Eeek!

We get to dress up in our formal wear, get our hair done up and don our best jewelry.  Oh, and don’t forget the cute shoes and pretty purses!  Okay, so that’s just my point of view, but it is pretty fun to get all dressed up, especially from a stay-at-home mom’s perspective.

Hubby likes it too.  Not the dressing up part (even though he looks super good in his dress blues), but the actual birthday ball is a fun  evening out for us.

Here we are ready

 to hit the road!

This year, since hubby works quite a drive from home, it took us a little over an hour to get to the ball.  As it is every year, there was a sea of Marine’s decked out in their finest attire along with a lot of spouses, girlfriends with a few other civilians sprinkled here and there.

There was, as always, a social hour, dinner served, speeches given and a cake cutting ceremony.  Then it’s time to bring on the dancing! Woot Woot!

Here’s the sea of Marines groovin’ to the beat 🙂

The ice sculpture had some fruit all around it on the table early on but…  I didn’t get that picture LOL.

The cake was very nice

Even with that chunk missing due to the Cake Cutting Ceremony (yeah, it’s a MC Birthday Ball thing).

It was really nice to get out of the house with just the hubby and get all dolled up for a fancy evening out.

Since Hubby is set to retire in a few years, this is one of the last Birthday Balls we’ll get to attend.  It’ll be sad when we go to our last one, but I suppose we have seen a lot of them LOL.

Happy Birthday to all the Marines out there.

Til Next Time…

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Down on the Farm…

My Little Bit #2 is a big bad third grader this year.  Wow, where did the time go?  I really don’t know but some days I sit and wonder how in the world my kids all got to be so big.  Anyway, even though my girl is a big girl, she still wants me around.  I love that.  She still wants me to drive her to school and pick her up at the bus stop and hang out with her around the house.  When she asked me to attend her field trip with her, I was super excited and got all my ducks in a row so I could tag along!

This particular field trip was to a local farm here in the town we live in.  I took my LB2 to school on the day of the field trip (decked out in her winter jacket and gloves because boy was it super chilly outside!), and bundled up my LB3 since she stays home with me during the day, and prepared our sack lunches so we could go and learn all about Papa’s Farm!  I thought it MUST be a little drive, so I got my music ready and prepared myself to follow the buses.  About 5-7 minutes later we arrived at Papa’s Farm.  Huh, not near as far away as I anticipated LOL.

The first thing we did was pick those yummy peanuts that we boiled later when we got home.  Oh YUMMY!

LB3 and I even picked some peanuts since we knew what yummy treats were in store!

Next we dug for sweet potatoes (which we also got to take home — hello Sweet Potato Casserole!)

Then we got to pick corn straight off the stalk — LB3 found a Little Bit just her size to be her partner 🙂 Awwww

There were lessons to be learned after all that gardening

LB3 was enamored by the scarecrow sign in the back of the crowd.

There were chickens running loose

There were goats

The kids got to shuck a corn cob

And then got to use the nifty little cutter thingy (that’s the technical name for it), and cut all the corn kernels off the cob so they could later be ground up and made into corn meal

Next the kids got to make an old-fashioned toy out of a piece of string and a large button

We also went on a hay-ride and when it was almost time to head back to school…

the class got together for a photo-op!

It was a lot of fun and I’m so glad I was able to tag along.  It made my LB #2 happy too, so I’m a happy Mama.

Til Next time…

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Did you know…

Recently my girls and I went on a school field trip with my Little Bit 2 and her  class where we visited a farm in our local area.  We all had a good time but my Little Bits had SO MUCH FUN digging in the dirt and learning about the different things they did long ago on farms just like the one we visited.  When we finished up and headed for home, we went away with some knowledge we didn’t have before and a lot of green peanuts!

Here are my 2 Little Bits digging for peanuts.  Even my littlest bit has a great love for boiled peanuts — that’s my girl :D.

Okay, so if you’re from South Carolina, you definitely know what green peanuts are, especially if you have a love for boiled peanuts like I do.  If you’re not, green peanuts are just peanuts that are freshly harvested and haven’t been dried or dehydrated.  Peanuts are actually not a nut at all but are considered beans and are really good for you.  South Carolinians have been eating boiled peanuts since Civil War times when, because of food shortages, Confederate soldiers began to use them as a source of protein.

To sanitize the peanuts straight from the ground, they boiled them in salt water and ate them.  Most people who I come across (since I’m no longer living in my home state) haven’t even heard of boiled peanuts, but these legumes play an important part of the culture where I come from.  When the soldiers came home from the war, they shared the boiled peanuts recipe creating a southern delicacy we all still enjoy today.  In fact, South Carolina named boiled peanuts the state snack in 2006.  Though they have many names, they are a delicious salty treat we enjoy almost any time of year!

(information was found here: http://www.sciway.net/shop/sc-boiled-peanuts.html)

So, now that the history lesson is over :), here’s how you make ’em!

Most people cook their boiled peanuts in a large stock pot on the stove for several days.  Since I don’t like that method (mostly because you have to keep watching it and stirring and make sure the pot doesn’t boil over and the water doesn’t evaporate… etc, etc), I cooked mine in the crock pot.  All I did was clean my peanuts off (this is very important to me since sometimes you have to crack the shells with your teeth and eating dirt is NOT fun).

My LB3 loves helping wash anything off in the kitchen sink, so she was my big helper here.

Next, dump them in the crock pot, pour enough water to cover the peanuts and start dumping in salt.  I’m not really sure on the measurements of everything I added, but the website above has measurements on everything and I think, even though the method of cooking is different, you could still use the same measurements.

So, basically, all I did was add the cleaned peanuts, the salt and the water to the crock pot and turned it on high.  I cooked them for about 24 hours (turning it to low and making sure there was plenty of water for overnight cooking).  Once they were done, which means that they’re tender, but not soggy (that’s what most people complain about when explaining their disdain for boiled peanuts), they’re ready to eat!  yum!

She could hardly wait to sink her teeth into those peanuts! 😀

My hubby, being from Texas, had never heard of such a thing before he met me.  But with lots of persuading, he finally tried this yummy treat I always rave about and they quickly became a favorite of his as well.  So, even if you may think “eeeewwwww” at the thought of peanuts boiled in lots of salt, try it, you just might find a new favorite treat :D.  Trust me, they are YUMMY!!

Til Next time…

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